About A Wardrobe in Time

A Wardrobe in Time is the result of decades of dreams and experiences and research. It is a micro-business, owned and operated by MaritaBeth, that focuses on creating one-of-a-kind historical clothing items and ensembles, primarily as custom orders.

Who is MaritaBeth?
The owner, designer and seamstress behind A Wardrobe in Time, MaritaBeth is a petite, people-loving, power-of-positive-thinking sort of girl.

For nearly twenty years, she’s been married to her best friend, Kyle. Together, they own East Wind Games and The Daily KRuMB. They are also the proud “parents” of two beautiful, and amazingly intelligent border collies named Berecyntia—’Tia for short—and Cormac, both of whom can usually be found backstage at Scarborough. There’s also the infamous “bitch cat” Artemis, who lets the others all live in her house.

MaritaBeth is proud to be celebrating her twenty-first year as the “face” of Pendragon Costumes, as manager, at Scarborough, Bristol, and TRF. Over the years, she’s also run the Pendragon booth at Northern and Southern California Pleasure Faires, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Muskogee, Four Winds, and one weekend at Maryland. Prior to all of that, she was a playtron–-always searching for a better costume. Hence, her instant adoration of Pendragon, and her quest to learn all she could about the making and the wearing of historical clothing. Since she’s been doing theatrical costuming of one kind or another since junior high school, her move into creating costumes for living history was a natural evolution.

She is very proud to be one of the primary seamstresses to the Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts, and a favourite seamstress of Scarborough’s former Queen Anne Boleyn.

Before her life as a clothier, she was fortunate to develop a much-varied resume. Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, New York, she began ballet and tap classes at age four, and practically grew up in one theatre or another. She’s studied dance from ballet to belly dance, country dance to flamenco, jazz to jitterbug—and taught many of those as well! She was accepted to TCU in 1980 where she earned her BS in Journalism. In Texas ever since, she’s worked in comic books and games, Christian books and gifts, singing telegrams, church administration, computer screen design, theatre and dance, wholesale and retail. She believes in celebrating birthdays and sunrises, Independence Day *and* Tartan Day, Christmas *and* Yule! She believes in The Golden Rule, the strength of a hug, and the Law of Attraction. She believes in good penmanship, and that “theatre” and “honour” are spelled like that. She does not believe in two-party politics, or the words, “I can’t” or that any person is more or less valuable or should be more or less equal than any other person.

When she’s not at a faire, or chained to one of six or seven sewing machines, she loves reading, scrap-booking, gardening, home-decorating, traveling, wine and beer tasting, acting, singing and dancing,  and writing.  Her newest obsession is her involvement on the Board of Directors of RESCU Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization providing healthcare education, advocacy and assistance to those working in historical re-enactment fields. Given the slightest opportunity, she and Kyle escape the states to visit the land of their heritage—Scotland, and their trips there have provided some of her favourite memories. She loves mightily, her husband, her mama, and her friends. She’s a fan of Mickey Mouse, William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Charles Dickens, Madonna, Oprah, eBay and Facebook. She’s a collector whose home reflects her love of books and candles, velvet and silk, antiques, art and art glass, music and holidays. Other things that make her smile include full moons, sunsets, birdsong, faeries, peacocks, gardenias and daisies, shoes, jewelry, theme parties, and the fact that you are visiting her website!