In Renaissance times, much could be learned about who you were, by what you wore and what you carried with you.  While we cannot offer all of the items on these lists, we do strive to provide some of the essentials.

Accessories of a Renaissance Lady

Feather Fan–A lady never sweats!

Jewelled Brooch–To decorate bodice or clasp a cloak

Girdle–To entwine around the waist

Pomander–A pleasant scent–since so much of the world wasn’t!

Gloves–Among the most personal of gifts

Chalice–From which to sip

Keys–The lady of the household was the keeper of the keys

Looking Glass–To ensure constant perfection!

Knife–A personal-sized blade for multiple purposes

Pouch–For carrying small personal items

Accessories of a Renaissance Man

Belt–From which to hang the many necessary accoutrements

Drinking Vessel–For quenching his thirst

Pouch–For carrying personal items and coin of the realm

Knife–Not a large blade, but a personal-sized one, appropriate for eating

Tools of his Trade–A form of identification–early advertising!