Custom made in either silver or gold-tone metal, a chain girdle (the Renaissance term for “belt”) is an elegant touch to a Tudor or Elizabethan Ladies’ ensemble.

No two girdles are ever exactly alike–I construct each one individually, designing it as I go, and allowing myself to be inspired by the beautiful, often vintage bits of chains and sparkly things. When complete, the girdle is worn at the waist, forming a graceful point in the front, and then dropping down to lay lightly on the forepart of your underskirt, completing the look of a sixteenth century noblewoman.

At the end of the Y-shaped belt, hangs a special “bauble” or pendant, which can be excruciatingly period-correct, such as a cross, or a “jewel” or as uniquely “you” as you wish … hearts, keys, animal shapes, even lockets make a charming dangle to draw the eye and provide the perfect weight to the chain.

Prices vary greatly beginning at $30 for a small, plain chain, and going as high as $150 for a larger, elaborate jewelled chain.

Individual photos of currently available pieces to follow.
In the meantime, please inquire.