Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts Customers
Voted “Best Street Cast” in the 2010 6th Annual Renaissance Faire Awards

Beginning in 1996, with an order for my dear friend and ex-husband Roger O’Connor, I have had the privilege of being an approved seamstress for Scarborough Academy of Performing Arts—SAPA. These dedicated performers are the nobles and villagers that populate the village of Scarborough Renaissance Festival every April and May. But, what the patrons don’t see is that they work on their characters all year long. And, beginning in February, no matter the weather, they are out there at the faire site, building their characters, their improv and guerrilla theatre skills and their stamina, to bring to life one of the best-loved renfaire casts in the country. I am proud to help make them beautiful!

Festival Guests and Patrons

Many of my wonderful customers are folks who simply want to look amazing when they attend a faire or festival.
It is my delight to help them turn heads!


One of my great pleasures, is in helping to make people beautiful for their Wedding Day. Over the years, beginning with my own Elizabethan Wedding, I have had the privilege of outfitting many a bride … and a few grooms, too!

And, for those who want help with all the details, I can also be your consultant and/or coordinator in planning the perfect period wedding event.

Other Eras in History

Most of my year is devoted to Renaissance festivals and the wonderful people who populate them. So, my greatest experience lies in creating clothing for recreating the sixteenth century. But, as the name states—clothing through the ages—any period is possible! Here are a few photos depicting other eras in history.